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A system for accurate time attendance management is extremely critical for a company’s growth and success. Since employees are often the biggest expense of an organization, companies place a lot of emphasis on making sure they are getting the most for their investment and want to ensure that their employees are regularly attending work and dedicating an appropriate amount of time to their jobs. Automated time and attendance systems help to ensure proper utilization of human resource capital as well as promote efficiency in the workplace, without having the risk and hassles that outdated, manual processes present. As this is such an important and vital tool to an organization, buying the right system is extremely important, and we want to help make that decision easier by sharing information about some of the top time and attendance systems on the market.

Read on to learn more about Ultimate Software UltiPro.

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Product Overview

UltiPro claims their software is “easy to activate”, “easy to use”, “easy to afford”, and “easy to maintain”, and after doing some more research on this product, we agree. UltiPro offers a lot of different packages in its suite of software. As such, all of its products make up a complete, end-to-end human capital management portal that encompasses time and attendance tracking as well as recruiting, performance management, payroll, compensation planning, and learning and career development. The time tracking division of their software allows organizations to eliminate the manual tasks involved with processing time data, as well as  enforce company policies, reduce payroll errors, and minimize compliance risks. There are two options to choose from: UltiPro Workplace, designed for businesses with 200-999 employees, and UltiPro Enterprise, for organizations with 1,000 or more employees. Both options are delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, so businesses will not have to worry about big up-front installation costs or supplying their own team of IT professionals dedicated to the system. In fact, Ultimate Software was the first company to provide human resources and payroll solutions over “the cloud”, so they have quite a bit of experience handling this type of platform and software, allowing the companies that use it to relax and feel confident that their information is safe and secure.

Integrating time tracking with the rest of UltiPro’s features makes it easy to use data collected by the time and attendance system for other tasks within an organization, like payroll or accounting. This easy flow between the modules lets everyone in an organization work more productively and efficiently, while leaving time for them to concentrate on the tasks that need the most attention.

Who Should Use This Product

This product is best used by mid to large-sized companies who want an easy and convenient solution to their time tracking needs. Since this SaaS service allows companies to host all of their data online, those who do not want to worry about installing in-house programs, hiring a team of IT experts to service the software, or buying new licensed software on a regular basis will also find this to be a great solution. The individual employees who will benefit most from using UltiPro would most likely be those working in payroll and accounting, along with those in human resources.

Time Management Features

UltiPro has a feature called the “workplace portal” which allows managers and those with access to the database to log in and view real-time employee time and labor information. Having this information at their fingertips will allow them to prevent issues that may have a negative impact on business performance, like labor law violations, employee coverage gaps and excess labor spending. UltiPro offers a lot of great time management capabilities ranging from leave management capabilities to workforce scheduling options and basic time entry through the UltiPro portal.

With its suite of fully integrated scheduling, time and attendance, and leave management capabilities, the system can also help to reduce payroll expenditures and streamline payroll and labor management processes, making this a great feature for payroll departments.

Reporting Features

Reporting features are one of the most important in a suite of time tracking software, and in UltiPro’s Business Intelligence module there are reporting capabilities that cover a wide variety of areas, including time and attendance. These reporting features help managers see trends like excessive overtime, hours worked by department or individual employee accounts. The data from this area can be compiled and put into reports with visual graphics that make presenting and understanding the information quite easy. UltiPro’s website has some sample screen shots of the reporting features so that prospective buyers can see exactly what the reports will look like once they are generated.

From this module, managers can take a look at reports, find patterns or trends within them, and set up alerts to notify them when overtime hours are racking up or when an issue needs to be addressed in the future.

Compliance Features

Compliance is an important issue no matter the size of a company or the industry in which a company operates. When compliance tasks and alerts can be automated, companies can feel confident that they are reducing their risk and staying on top of current or newly issued laws that affect their practice. Within the Business Intelligence module described above, managers also have the ability to file signature-ready forms to ensure that the business will comply with legislative requirements and other laws set by local, state or federal governments or even unions.

Other Features

UltiPro software includes a whole range of features and tools to use through its all-encompassing human resource management portal.  Since a lot of business is done now on smartphones, UltiPro wants to keep up with the trends and wants to offer the best services, so UltiPro has extended manager and employee portal access through their new app on the iPhone.

There are also “Enterprise Integration Tools” that provide the ability to interface with third-party applications such as general ledger, a company’s bank, 401(k) and benefit providers, unemployment management service, point-of-sale, and more. Other optional services beyond time tracking tools cover paycheck modeling for employees and pre-employment screening services for human resources.

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