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Human Resources Management Systems, or Human Resources Information Systems, are very popular today in many small, medium, and large sized organizations. Employees, especially working in the areas of Payroll and Human Resources, have found that using HRMS and HRIS software has greatly improved their efficiency and productivity, leaving time for them to do what is most important to the success of their organization. Simple yet time consuming tasks and administrative work like entering employee information or compiling time sheet submissions, and more complex work like producing reports for government compliance or regulatory laws are commonly labor and time intensive. However, the adoption of the newest HR  software makes it easy for employees to complete their work much faster and eliminates the risk for error that commonly happens when information is calculated and documented manually. Many of these systems also allow every employee in an organization access to their personal information, so they can view details like benefits and time sheets and make requests for time off or meetings with management.

There are many companies out there that offer varied features and tools as a part of their HRMS and HRIS product, so it is important to do some research before choosing the one that will be the best fit for your company. Some companies offer this as an online-based subscription service, a software package that requires installment at your office, or as SaaS (Software-as a- Service). Though the systems vary according to their technical installation, in general, most human resource software programs encompass these tools:

  • Payroll
  • Scheduling/Work Time
  • Appraisal performance
  • Benefits Administration
  • Recruiting/Applicant Tracking
  • Training/Learning Management
  • Performance Record
  • Employee Self-Service

HR Tech News has many product reviews available to help you navigate through some of the most popular brands of HR software so you can implement the newest technology into your workplace.

Internet Monitoring and Employee Monitoring

Let’s face it: very few of us could survive in today’s world without the Internet. It is now the go-to reference for all news and information research, file storage and even for most of our communication. The Internet has proven itself to be an indispensable item that we cannot live without. But it does cause a lot of distractions. In the business world, almost everyone uses a computer to complete their daily tasks like emailing clients, creating documents and spreadsheets, creating websites, and more. But more often than not, employees tend to get caught up surfing the web instead of doing research for their next business unit, or joining the conversation on Twitter instead of responding to customer inquiries.

This is where Internet Monitoring or Employee Monitoring comes into play. Though most managers and executives do not want to know exactly what an employee is doing at each moment during the day, they do want to make sure their staff is on task and is working productively. As more and more companies see the need for network monitoring, software companies continue to develop advanced and powerful tools to help monitor and track employee Internet usage. Real-time tracking allow managers to log on and view the websites that are being visited most often by employees, the desktop of any of the computers connected to the network, and monitor the software that is currently being used.

Network monitoring can also be helpful in detecting slow or failing components of a specific network, which can also have an adverse effect on employee productivity. Slow load times and improperly working applications can greatly inhibit the efficiency of a specific department or even an entire company, making it harder to complete the tasks that are essential to the growth of the organization. When programs are not running correctly or when connection speeds to the Internet are low, emails can be sent to Network Administrators in the office to alert them of the situation and give a detailed report on how to fix the problem.

Programs for Internet monitoring, employee monitoring, and network monitoring are great tools to help make sure all operations are running smoothly and to ensure that employees stay on task to help the organization reach its goals.

Payroll Software

Payroll can be one of the most difficult yet important jobs for any organization. It’s something that employees love but many business owners hate because of all of the administrative headaches it can cause. A company’s payroll department not only has to spend hours tracking and compiling time sheets and time cards, but they must also stay up-to-date with any local, state or federal tax laws and regulations to ensure that the company’s employees are receiving fair pay. Many businesses put all of their payroll tasks in the hands of the accounting department. Others outsource their payroll, get assistance from online-based human resources software, or purchase in-house business software. For large companies and small business owners, payroll software can be helpful in eliminating error, time consuming calculations and completing government tax forms and reports.

The great thing about payroll software is that you don’t need to be a large corporation to reap the benefits of utilizing its tools. Many small business owners are turning to human resources and payroll software to help simplify their payroll tasks and leave them with more time to grow their business. Small business payroll is designed to be simple, straightforward and intuitive, and is usually available in many different packages so it can be tailored to the needs of a specific company. Many software packages also come with government forms available for printing, like W-2, 1099, 940 and more so business owners can have the information and documents at hand when needed. Program support is also provided with most software packages so business owners or payroll staff will not be left “in the dark” if they should have any problems or questions about using the product.

No matter what size company you have, many of the payroll and HR software packages out there are very affordable and the tools can be customized to fit your growing business. HR Tech News will bring you the latest information regarding payroll software, business software, and small business payroll solutions so you can implement the best tools for your company.

Time Tracking and Time and Attendance

Time tracking and time and attendance systems are used by companies of all sizes all over the world to monitor the working hours of their employees for job costing or workforce management. This type of software can be used for a number of different tasks, from reducing federal compliance risk with labor laws to reducing extended lunches or perpetually late employees. By automating the process of using a time clock to check in and out of the office, time and attendance packages offer an array of services to help accurately streamline the process.

There are several types of packages available depending on the size of the employee base and the needs of a company, and some packages even come as part of a larger HR software program. Specific packages can be purchased for up to a certain number of employees, say up to 100 or 500 employees, and degree of security. Most packages require employees to use ID cards or proximity cards, which only need to be waved near the reader to check in and out of the office. There are also more advanced packages that require each employee to use their fingerprint or hand print to clock in. This may seem like an unnecessary security precaution, but it is aimed to help eliminate “buddy punching” or extended lunch breaks and to ensure that the correct person is checking in and out.

Basic time and attendance systems provide routine time tracking and schedule management, and most include setting break times, holidays, and allowable overtime hours. With most systems, it is also possible can also track tardiness and patterns of absenteeism, which can be great information to have access to as a manager when the annual review times come around. Some also include basic accounting, auditing and reporting tools, giving managers easy access to employee data and the applications to audit it for accuracy. Be sure to check HR Tech News often to view product reviews and the latest updates regarding time tracking and attendance.

Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Software

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruitment management software are becoming increasingly popular for larger organizations that hire and recruit many people for their company. Though it may be easy for some smaller and medium sized enterprises to keep track of their recruits, they too have found that ATS has helped increase their productivity and improve their organization.

The recruiting process can be a long and arduous task for human resource managers, and keeping track of all of the potential employees’ information requires great organizational skills. Many of the data entry and record keeping tasks can be streamlined with the implementation of an applicant tracking system that can take care of everything from creating applicant profiles online to managing retirement benefits for former employees.

The main benefit of an ATS is that there is one central location for all documents, resumes and information to be stored. For applicants, data is either collected from internal applications via the ATS front-end, located on the company website or is extracted from applicants on job boards and is stored in one database where hiring managers can view and track information. These packages are available as open source or SaaS systems and also as a package service requiring installation or can be purchased as part of a larger human resources software system.

There are several other benefits that make ATS so popular. One is that some platforms also have the ability to perform keyword searches so hiring managers can scan documents to find the most eligible applicants. With the increased use of job boards and social media such as Indeed, Simply Hired, Facebook, and Twitter, some recruitment software allows companies to publish jobs directly to these platforms, without having to manually input all of the data on each page. Email blasts are also popular to keep the human resources office in communication with applicants, but doing it manually can be very time consuming. With ATS, hiring managers can send updates and keep in touch with those interested in employment at their company.

Keeping hiring managers and decision makers up-to-date with the latest information is of top priority at HR Tech News, so check back often for updates and product reviews for recruitment management systems.

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